Who’d Name A Sparrow “Tiger”? All Rights reserved *JFK 2014
Back To Chapters Hm, that would be me. Mausi (Marion), my childhood neighbor and bosom friend, passed of breast cancer fifteen years ago. We had lost each other during life's journey but found together again three years before her passing. She also visited me in Florida. Mausi was the 'Mother Superior', will say, Boss of nurses and the nurses' school in a big hospital in Erbach, Germany. She taught and was beloved everywhere; another one who possessed 'common sense' and had  both feet firmly on the ground. Mausi also looked after my ailing parents and made sure they were properly taken care of while I was in US. My sisters weren't available all the time either. When I came to visit from US and did my care-turn at my parent's home, we went out together, almost every night. She called me "Old House" and we always had a ball and tears from too much laughter. Mausi went for a beer or two or three; I have it more with wine. I think I can count on one hand how often I drank a beer in my life. She was never married, a bachelor like Ute and a free spirit. To my great sorrow she died very quick, right before my Mother passed in 1998. Four weeks after her passing I arrived in Germany again when Rita called and said, "Our mother needs to go to a hospital." "Where is Mausi?" I asked, hoping she could arrange it. "Oh, Mausi? We buried her for weeks ago". I had to hold on to my chair. "What? Why? How? Our Mausi has passed?" I yelled into the phone. Nobody had notified me in US. Rita was totally cool, "Ha-yeah! She is dead". She didn't grasp in the slightest what this meant to me. A few years later a psychic-lady here in USA told me that there is always a woman sitting by my side, no matter where I am. She told me that she can see a woman in my bedroom sitting on a chair and also in the living room of my house. Well, it's true; I am always talking to Mausi. Sitting outside late at night on my dock, enjoying a starry night and absolute silence, wine at hand I usual speak with Mausi, with Peter and my father. But Mausi was always closest by in my feelings and senses. She had passed ten years before Cousin Ute.   Then came 'Tiger'. Tiger is a wild Sparrow that flew on my shoulder in front of a Boston Market restaurant four years ago and didn't want to leave. I tried to shoo him off but it looked like he was determined to adopt me. He entered my car and went home with me where he first took a smaller and then an ever wider tour to explore where he had landed. Tony went out and bought a cage. I named him 'Tiger' because he was fairly wild and curiously flying around and hacking my fingers, what turned out to be his way of kissing me. Even when I went outside with him, he flew off and always came back. He's glued to me. Friends call him 'Spirit', because I think he's the spirit of my childhood friend Mausi for reasons that might be astounding. When Tiger entered my life I had no hunch yet what was coming for me. But Tiger was going to prove that obviously everything really has a reason. The last time I was home in Germany I visited Mausi's grave and was hit with a hammer. The only thing Mausi has sitting on her grave is a brass sparrow. Here in US, I had felt Mausi slipping away. In my mind she was going into the light, her final destination. Therefore she sent me her sparrow and just on time. I am convinced that she had sent Tiger to me for comfort and companionship. I named him Tiger, unknowingly at the time. Because Mausi surely was a tigress.   Tiger is always near me. He followed me into the shower, flew his beeline upstairs into my bedroom, nicked me on my nose to say, "Good Morning, Mama! Get up." I opened my blanket a little, he crawled under and rested on my chest.  When he had to poop he got restless, I let him out, he shit on a paper towel and crawled back under the sheets. Now, he sits on my feet or knee under the desk or cuddles in my lap. He hops on and rests on my left shoulder where ever I go and weeps when he doesn't see me. He eats out of my hand (bread, peanut butter, salad, meat, nuts) drinks soy milk from my glass and comforts me close to my cheek when I'm sad. He feels it. It's just unbelievable. Editor’s Evaluation (amazing) It’s OUT and available! 
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