“You are a difficult author to edit. Although I'm sure not for any of the reasons you may suspect. Your English, sentence structure, and so forth are not difficult to follow and edit at all. You're fine there. “Our challenge has been, for all 3 of us, that we keep getting pulled into your story. For an author, that's a dream come true. For an editor, it's not so good. We seek to be detached, mechanical, and methodical. Editors are avid readers, and human beings, so it's a battle we fight. We usually win, but you're winning the battle on this story “One edits a book for story, dramatic quality, and readability. Grammar doesn't win in all cases as the purpose is to emotionally engage the reader, and not get an "A" on English paragraph and sentence structure. Some of your writing definitely violates an English teacher's sensibility. We see it, we know it, and we want to leave it as you have it because of the dramatic quality it imparts to the reader. “Your story's goal is to create a movie in the reader's mind. The reader lives your emotional experiences. You've done an instinctively great job here.. “One particular tendency of your writing I wish to point out is that you seem to instinctively go to the emotional quality of how each life event impacted you, rather than spending too many words on a news reel of your life's events. I cannot stress enough how powerful that makes your writing! Your story sucked 3 people, who do this for a living, into it to the point we all have to take breaks to re-orient our brains, and then come back anew. That's really, really difficult to accomplish with one professional editor, much less 3. So, great job! Well done!!” Daniel Horne of Freedom Road Publishing (309) 489-0152 According to editors: A heart-wrenching Story * Coming out in February 2014 Editor’s Comments All Rights reserved *JFK 2014
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