Start reading - here’s a teaser Index Chapter 1 Time Travel Chapter 2 Love Was A Foreign Word Chapter 3 Father’s Parents Move From Poland To Germany Chapter 4 My Father, The Ivory Carver Chapter 5 Dreadful Times (Not only for Europe)  Chapter 6 Phoenix from the Ashes Chapter 7 Father's Political Endeavours Chapter 8 Fearing Father Chapter 9 Making It Through Catholic Boarding School Chapter 10 Life With A Hundred Adolescent Girls Chapter 11 Working In MY Company Chapter 12 Traveling With Peter Chapter 13 Here Comes The Bride Chapter 14 Baby Nicole Chapter 15 The Unthinkable Happens Chapter 16 Surviving A Nightmare Chapter 17 A Boy Named Dennis Chapter 18 Happiness Again Turns To Despair Chapter 19 Sucked Into This Bottomless Black Hole Chapter 20 Lost In Time And Place Chapter 21 Finding My Compass And New Direction Chapter 22 Abandoned By Friends And Family Chapter 23 Fashion Tips And Tricks Chapter 24 My Life Saver Chapter 25 Dennis’ Slip-Up Chapter 26 A Little Bit Europe Vs. A Little Bit America Chapter 27 When The Shit Hits The Fan Chapter 28 Back In Florida Again Chapter 29 Diving Into The Restaurant Business Chapter 30 My Big Sister Edith Chapter 31 Married To Yet Another Abusive Man Chapter 32 My Tribute To Ute Chapter 33 Almost Killed By Virus Chapter 34 Detour To Iceland Chapter 35 Who'd Name A Sparrow "Tiger"? Chapter 36 A Slow-Growing Nightmare Chapter 37 It's Called "Grand Theft" Chapter 38 Holy Shit ... or Hallelujah?  Chapter 39 Forgiveness Isn’t Easy All Rights reserved *JFK 2014
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