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Back To Chapters Editor’s Evaluation (amazing) Although pregnancies are not infectious, we were to become parents, infected by all those baby-bearing women around us. Somehow, we also had that urgent desire to see what we would be able to produce. I needed no pregnancy test. I knew right away, what was happening. I got a bigger backside and my breasts grew right from the start to enormous sizes. Unfortunately and to my great disappointment, the skin began to stretch. That's when I started to attend to my body with a very rough brush. Tirelessly, every day and for all my life! Years later, I always bestowed this suggestion to younger people: “Brush your body from head to toe. Daily! Not only when you are pregnant! And you will have the softest and smoothest skin forever! Also, do not forget the parts left and right of your nose. Always towards the heart. It’s practical to do it after your shower because you don’t want to pick up all your lotion and skin cells, although it’s often recommended the other way around.” Five months into the pregnancy our friend Walter's father had a heart attack and passed away. Despite that was quite a sad affair, it didn't affect me too much - I was focused on my baby bump. But I had to attend the funeral. And that's when it hit me. With Peter at my side I walked into the small chapel at the cemetery and passed a little room where I saw the coffin from the corner of my eyes. Nobody had prepared me for the customs and practice of a body viewing! The casket had no lid! It was open! There was the body, visible for everyone to say 'good bye'. Since I surely had no intentions to do exactly that and nobody had groomed me to see dead people on display, I was horrified and felt like someone had knocked my feet away. I clasped my husband's arm. “Peter, this is terrible. What are these people thinking?” “Calm down, darling. It’s common practice in this area. Don't look at him!” “Oh, Peter, I just hope this is not a bad omen! I'm so scared!” I could not get over it but I managed to hide behind my husband's back and get that funeral over with. At this time we, the Monath's and a circle of friends bowled once a week. We had a lot of fun and lots of laughter. I wasn't very big and as a jolly pregnant oyster managed to bowl until four days before I gave birth to my daughter! A little bit too fast though. Six months into my pregnancy, I wanted to jump out of my bedroom window from the third floor. I had kidney eclampsia, which is really not too good, being an expecting mother. The pain was unbearable and I had to spend two weeks in a hospital. I made it into the beginning of my ninth month and during a crazy birthday party with friends and because of my devil-may-care attitude, I had the guts to smoke a cigar! Well, not a whole one, but regardless, it was too much. Next morning my baby aggressively demanded admission into the cold world to be of lasting impact. First, I drove twenty miles to my gynaecologist who told me bluntly: “You got to go to the hospital. Now!” Calmly I drove home and cooked lunch for Peter. When I tried to wash the dishes, my nervous hubby was bursting out: “Have you lost your mind? Let the dishes be dishes! I'll clean up after I drove you to the clinic!” A fool who would have thought otherwise! Ten days later when I came home, the tableware still was there, nicely clotted. It’s OUT and available!
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