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Original >>koziol bookmark gift comes with it All Rights reserved *JFK 2016 It’s HISTORY, I lived it and am now candidly telling ‘bout it. The true story seen with a child’s eyes. I am so enjoying your book. I picture you in every line. 'Johanna, have you lost a wheel?' your Father asked. I laughed so much --> a Reader You love history? And then wrapped into a preposterous, yet true life story? This is a gripping life's recount about a renown family clan, company tale; history USA / Europe A harrowing journey: raw & breath-taking; stark, emotional, forgiving at the end. You might cry. Somewhat VERY different! A keen, blunt, brazen, emotional read - 'The Ivory Carver's Daughter' It’s a riveting historical biography of WWII from a German child's eyes: Air Lift, Candy-Bombers. What do American Soldiers have to do with the birth of a child in occupied post WWII Germany? A World Citizen’s wild life; a story to share. (Maybe educational too) Europe vs USA Enjoying the peaks of life’s highest highs only to fall into depths of life’s lowest lows, Johanna Fath-Koziol takes us through the experiences of her life. We feel the pain and confusion of a young girl desperately seeking the approval of parents in a household where hard work and discipline were proof of love. She delivers us at the doorsteps of despair as a young mother who discovers her newborn daughter dead in the crib. When she rescues us with the joy of a second child, we are thrown into her teeth-gnashing pain after her husband is instantly killed, and her second child crippled, in a horrible automobile crash on the autobahn. Writing in the poignant style as someone who has experienced life in its many guises, Johanna wraps her story into the remarkable history of her renowned family and 1300 year old clan KOZIOL. She shows us her life as a woman born into privilege, but starved for acknowledgement. A lifetime of high aspirations and self-denial seeking her gifted father’s approval is stunted by abusive, unfaithful and sometimes cruel men. Traveling to the United States in search of new horizons, Johanna finds the demons of tragedy, betrayal, and self-mutilation – which torment her as a young woman – follow her across two continents. The highs and lows that come with a lifetime of seeking reasons, self-doubt, and healing are Johanna Fath-Koziol’s true life story. I am offering and selling my 'collected life' because, you know, our last shirt has no pockets I cannot take anything with me. There is a vast collection of Pre Ban Ivory - sold piece by piece and what's gone is gone. (My father was an Ivory Carver, really!) My large collected Bohemian Czech Crystal is up for sale as well as estate family jewelry. Please see: and
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